Did Disney really ruin club penguin?

Hey guys, lately I’ve been hearing that disney ruined club penguin.

I agree with anybody who says that. I mean they took away our Christmas party, St. Patricks Day Party and my favorite, Easter Egg hunt.

Heres a list of reasons why Disney is not only LAZY but RUINED CP.

1: Same old items! Think about it. Every party they have same free items. And in the catologs, there just recycled ones.

2: Taking away parties: I could about kill disney. They’ve tooken away everybody’s favorite parties! I swear I’d eat a worm if the old owners came back…

3: Too many MEMBER ONLY things: This bothers me most. My main pengui DarioMario0 and Piper29 are NOT members. None of my penguins are. In old CP you didn’t have to be a member to buy stuff. Or to go to other areas. They do members just to get money, and make it less fun.

4:Rockhopper isn’t coming anymore: This is REALLY annoying. Now disney doesn’t bring rockhopper back. RH is never going to come back.

5: They change your name when your a NOOBIE: This is probably annoying to new ppl on cp. Whenever your new they change your name to something like P213745724. insanley annoying.

6: To long of a wait for missions: In old club penguin, missions came out every month. But now in new, they take like a year. Disney has LAZY workers.

7: Taking away emotes: OMFG they took away SOO many emotes, like one of our favorites the skull emote.

Thats a lot of stuff thats FAILING.  They’re lazy money grubbers.

They don’t care about kids having fun, all they care about is the money.

so I have to say that selling CP to disney was a-

So i think we should start a campaign. Lets start protesting on every cp site you can find, and say it on club penguin “MAKE CP BETTER DISNEY!!!!”

Lets hope we can do this…



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